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What do you get when you join the POWER of INTERNET SEARCH with an AGE OLD device that people still use and still seek out today?

NRN Map Service.

We’ll try to keep this short and simple, but if you’re a business that has a location in any large city in the United States …you need to keep reading.

Maps are used by millions of people on a daily basis. Sure there are those fancy car navigation systems, but people still refer to their maps and they hold on to them!

As you may already know, your state’s NRN online community maintains large numbers of daily traffic- all quality leads due to NRN’s success at specifically targeting baby boomers, seniors, retirees, and their families.

We give each state’s visitors, customers, and clients free or low cost maps based on their location.

We also give everyone a free or low cost map who searches for your specific city’s map online and requests it.

Take Milwaukee, Wisconsin for example.

Did you know that 25,000 people a month search for “Milwaukee Map” online? Milwaukee has a city population of 500,000 which does not include people residing around the city who consider themselves to be “in Milwaukee.”

What do you think having a permanent location on a city map that is literally distributed to hundreds of thousands of locals could do for your business?

We seek opportunities for our advertisers and this one is too good to miss out on!

Map Advertising Works!

No other map advertising service can get you in front of THIS MANY TARGETED PEOPLE!

We give people what they want…the question is: Will your business be there?

There Are THREE Ways To Be On NRN Maps

#1. The first way is through NRN Discounts. NRN Discounts is a discount program for adults over 50. We match these adults with businesses in their area via a premium or discount on their service. Cardholders (as well as the general public) can purchase or download their location's map. As a business participant, you get your business listing on the map that states your discount. This is a great way to drum up local business from your mature adult community.

*You have the option of getting a business listing by Get NRN Discounts Platinum Membership (only Platinum members get listings on NRN Maps).

#2. The second way is to join NRN Business Program (Platinum membership) which provides businesses a way to reach their local retiree, boomer and senior market via the internet. The NRN Platinum Business Membership gives you a map package included in the membership.

*Creative is included in the price for this package. Ads from this package are multi-sized. Ad sizes and location are one fee (given on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis), and used online and for the map (choice of location).

#3.You can invest in ad space on your area's map. This gives your business increased exposure. You may buy ad space below buying choosing the amount of space (by block) you'd like to invest in.

Advertising With Your Area's NRN Map!

Map Advertising -1 BlockMap Advertising -2 BlocksMap Advertising 3 Blocks
Map Advertising -4 BlocksMap Advertising -6 Blocks

Space is obviously limited- so order today!.

If you are just interested in our map service, and need more information,
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